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David L. Edwards

David Edwards inherited his love for music from his parents who hailed from Appalachian southwest Virginia where music flows throughout work, worship, fun … all of life.

On this site, you can listen to some songs, order one or all of his 6 CDs and his songbook, read about David, contact him, and check out some links to places he’s involved with or recommends. And don’t miss the free downloads of new music that you can use in worship or other settings!

The proceeds from sales of music and CDs, after actual costs, go to programs that serve children. Programs include Camp Kum-Ba-Yah in Lynchburg, Virginia, and the Loretto Child Care Center and Loretto Head Start Program in Loretto, Kentucky.

Enjoy our Music Video:

  • Songs for Children

    Songs for Children

    Songs: ♦ Dragonfly Song ♦ Bill the Bullfrog ♦ Cloud Song ♦ Care for the Earth ♦ Why Did Got Make the Gnats? ♦ How Gentle the Rain ♦ The Greatest Things ♦

  • CD-Greatest-72d

    The Greatest Things

    Folk Songs for Children (and older folks, too!)

    Songs: ♦ Boatman's Dance ♦ It Rained a Mist ♦ What Can Make a Hippopotamus Smile? ♦ How Gentle the Rain ♦ Train is a-Comin’ ♦ Follow the Drinking Gourd ♦ The Monster on Tiddly Tum Street ♦ Red Rosy Bush ♦ Pick a Bale of Cotton ♦ Cape Cod Girls ♦ The Golden Vanity ♦ A Place in the Choir ♦ Hushabye (All the Pretty Little Horses ) ♦ Jenny Jenkins ♦ The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night ♦ Why Did God Make the Gnats? ♦ The Erie Canal ♦ Cumberland Gap ♦ Shenandoah ♦ The Greatest Things ♦

  • CD-Water-72d

    Come to the Water

    Songs, Hymns & Psalms by David Edwards

    Songs: ♦ Come to the Water ♦ Peace I Leave with You ♦ O Taste and See (Psalm 34) ♦ Prophets and Priests ♦ To You, O Lord ♦ Send Out Thy Light ♦ Here I Am ♦ My Master Went to Be Alone ♦ The Lord Has Delivered the People ♦ When You Do This, Remember Me ♦

  • JourneyCover

    Songs for the Journey

    Songs, Hymns & Psalms by David L. Edwards & Thom Field

  • CD-Arabella-72d

    Arabella's Eyes

    Songs: ♦ Winds of Change ♦ Arabella's Eyes ♦ Follow the River of Life ♦ If You Trust in God ♦ Blessed Are the Peacemakers ♦ Song to Wisdom ♦ You Know I Would ♦ We Will Arise ♦ Great Cloud of Witnesses ♦ At Evening Prayer ♦

  • CD-Children-72d

    what will we say to the children?

    Songs: ♦ where can i go? (psalm 139) ♦ the master of the sheepfold ♦ this our joy ♦ the ballad of father gilligan ♦ take my hand ♦ at midnight on christmas eve ♦ children welcome ♦ i have so much ♦ why did god make the gnats? ♦ i can love ♦ god has been good to me ♦ what will we say to the children? ♦

  • CD-Strength-72d

    a different kind of strength

    Songs: ♦ a different kind of strength ♦ pine forest floor ♦ i'd rather be homesick than home ♦ for kaye ♦ i have four gifts for you ♦ the greatest things ♦ don’t weep for delores ♦ how gentle the rain ♦ and now he’s gone ♦ this body is clay ♦

  • CD-Praise-72d

    I Will Praise God as Long as I Live

    Music from the Church of the Covenant Community

    Songs: ♦ Morning Song ♦ Psalm 90 (Satisfy Us in the Morning) ♦ Alleluia ♦ Ask, Seek, Knock ♦ I Will Praise God as Long as I Live ♦ Anyone Who is in Christ ♦ See in This Bread ♦ Filled with the Spirit ♦ Community in Christ ♦ I Feel the Winds of God Today (traditional) ♦ Where Can I Go from Your Spirit? ♦ Psalm 30 (Tears Flowing Through the Night) ♦ In Peace I Lie Down and Sleep (Psalm 4) ♦