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Arabella’s Eyes

David and Arabella

David and Arabella

The title song, prompted by the birth of David’s granddaughter Arabella, led to this collection of 10 songs that are deeply personal and spiritual, 9 original, and an old hymn recorded as a tribute to David’s father.


Price: $10.00, Includes Shipping & Handling

Please listen to the sample songs with the player that appears for each song below. You can hear the first 60 seconds of each song.

Winds of Change

Arabella’s Eyes (for my granddaughter)

Follow the River of Life

If You Trust in God

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Song to Wisdom

You Know I Would

We Will Arise

Great Cloud of Witnesses

An Evening Prayer

Arabella's Eyes

♦ Winds of Change ♦ Arabella’s Eyes ♦ Follow the River of Life ♦ If You Trust in God ♦ Blessed Are the Peacemakers ♦ Song to Wisdom ♦ You Know I Would ♦ We Will Arise ♦ Great Cloud of Witnesses ♦ At Evening Prayer ♦