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Sheet Music: Hymns

Sheet Music: Hymns & Choruses

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At Midnight on Christmas Eve  (Sheet Music)
At Midnight on Christmas Eve (Sheet Music)
There is an old legend, which I heard growing up in Southwestern Virginia, that at midnight on Christmas Eve, God gives the animals the gift of speech because they were so kind as to share their home so that Jesus would have a place to be born. I wondered what the animals might talk about, so I wrote this song.
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Children Welcome  (Sheet Music)
Children Welcome (Sheet Music)
This song is based on Jesus’ teachings that the Kingdom of God belongs to children, and on his welcoming of children in spite of his disciples’ objections. It was the theme song of the first Children Welcome Conference held in Indianapolis in 2000, sponsored by Disciples Home Missions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The refrain is often sung in Disciples congregations as part of the children’s sermon or moment in Sunday worship.
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Christmas Time Is Near  (Sheet Music)
Christmas Time Is Near (Sheet Music)
One morning close to Christmas, when I was serving Antioch Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), in Lexington KY, I was driving to work. The highway between Lexington and Paris KY runs through the most beautiful part of the Kentucky's "horse country". There was a light snow falling, and I spied some horses trotting through a field along the way. By the time I got to the church, which is out in that lovely countryside, I had the beginnings of a song that put the birth of Jesus in a Kentucky setting. It is, thus, my Kentucky Christmas carol.

Come to the Water  (Sheet Music)
Come to the Water (Sheet Music)
This piece was inspired by Isaiah 55, in which God invites all who are thirsty to come to the water and drink, and to eat their fill, even if they have no money. It is a lovely and powerful expression of God’s unconditional love.
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God is Dwelling in Us  (Sheet Music)
God is Dwelling in Us (Sheet Music)
I was asked to write a song for a youth group that was going on a summer work trip. What came out was a song based on Paul's words about God dwelling in us as we live the life Jesus called us to live. I wrote it in a "work song" form, a call-and-response, so that a leader could sing out the first line, the group sing the second line, then all join in the chorus.

Great Cloud of Witnesses  (Sheet Music)
Great Cloud of Witnesses (Sheet Music)
Based on Hebrews 12:1, this was written in memory of Hannah Herward, Covenant Member of the Church of the Covenant, who died in August 2010. It was also written for Sandy Fisher, Covenant Member and director of Chrysalis Interfaith Retreat Center. Sandy worked closely with Hannah in Hannah’s final weeks to plan a children’s butterfly garden, which is Hannah’s parting gift to the community.
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If You Trust in God  (Sheet Music)
If You Trust in God (Sheet Music)
The only piece I've written based on the Book of Proverbs. A commission from Gretna Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Gretna VA, on the occasion of their 100th anniversary in October 2011.
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My Master Went to Be Alone  (sheet music)
My Master Went to Be Alone (sheet music)
This is a hymn for Lent that I wrote in the early 1980s. For a few years, I had been going to the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky for silent retreats. The monastery is famous because of Fr. Thomas Merton, who was a monk there until his untimely accidental death in 1968. These retreats formed the beginning of a deeper and more consistent spiritual life. At the abbey, there is a stone lentil, which then was above the doorway into the guest house. The guest house itself was the former entrance for novices, those entering monastic life. Merton writes about this lentil in his autobiographical Seven Storey Mountain, and the effect on him of the words engraved on it: "God Alone". During those years, I thought and reflected a great deal on what it means to live one's life centered on "God alone." The hymn arose out of those reflections.

Peace I Leave with You  (Sheet Music)
Peace I Leave with You (Sheet Music)
This hymn was written as a response to Jesus' words of peace to his disciples in John 14, which are put into the refrain. The verses speak of this peace in relation to our personal life journey, our relationships with one another, and the healing of our lives in community. The hymn can fit well just about anywhere in worship, including as a Communion/Eucharistic hymn.
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Quiet, Quiet, All is Quiet  (Sheet Music)
Quiet, Quiet, All is Quiet (Sheet Music)
I wrote this as a meditation on the love of God incarnated in Jesus, but is also meant to be incarnated, embodied in us, as well. It was written on the 25th anniversary of my marriage to Kaye.

See in This Bread  (Sheet Music)
See in This Bread (Sheet Music)
While on retreat at the Sisters of Loretto Motherhouse in Kentucky, I was challenged to write a new song that I would sing at Mass the next day. As I took a long walk, some words of Thich Nhat Hanh about the Christian Eucharist and mindfulness became the inspiration for this Zen / Christian communion song.
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This Our Joy  (Sheet Music)
This Our Joy (Sheet Music)
Words by Joshua Abraham Heschel prompted this hymn: “Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy.” It is an expression of the joy we find in simply being and living as we were created to be and live.
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