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Sheet Music: Songs

Sheet Music: Songs

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Great Cloud of Witnesses  (Sheet Music)
Great Cloud of Witnesses (Sheet Music)
Based on Hebrews 12:1, this was written in memory of Hannah Herward, Covenant Member of the Church of the Covenant, who died in August 2010. It was also written for Sandy Fisher, Covenant Member and director of Chrysalis Interfaith Retreat Center. Sandy worked closely with Hannah in Hannah’s final weeks to plan a children’s butterfly garden, which is Hannah’s parting gift to the community.
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Winds of Change  (Sheet Music)
Winds of Change (Sheet Music)
I wrote “Winds of Change” April 16, 2007, the morning after a terrible spring storm, and the wind was still wild. I was staying at a friend’s lake house at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. The electricity was off, and public radio on my battery-powered radio was a little scratchy out there, but I could make out reports coming from Virginia Tech, where 32 students and faculty died in a mass shooting. I kept working on the song, and by the time I finished, it had a whole new meaning for me.
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